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Worldwide Travel Insurance Policy And Cost Comparison

Do you have a burning desire to see parts of the other side of our planet or do you have a lot of business meetings and engagements to honour in different parts of the world? Whatever is your plan, getting a travel insurance policy should be the very first on your to-do-list before setting out on your journey. Traveling can be fun but some unexpected challenges can turn the fun to an undesirable experience. We do not hope to fall sick but slight illnesses or injury may occur while you are still away from home. Your medical insurance at home has a limit to what and where the insurance policy can cover. This is where the services of international insurance companies come in. Most of the international insurance policies cover your medical bills incurred while on a holiday or business travel. Travel insurance can save you from lots of distress and reduce the cost of your travel activity depending on the policy you decide to go for.

Some companies can still allow you to buy a plan while you have already embarked on your journey while some will prefer you get the policy before you embark on your journey. Some worldwide travel medical insurance covers the following:

 Pre-travel advice (example: visa information)
 Stolen / lost luggage
 Accommodation arrangements
 Stolen / lost documents (E.g. Passport, etc.)
 Travel arrangements
 Urgent message transmission
 Taxi services
 Legal referral
 Search and Rescue
 Legal assistance
 Translator / Interpreter
 Advance of penal bail / lawyer’s fees
 Transporting your pets
 Cash advance

You can buy single or multi (Annual) travel depending on your travel schedule. There are different policies offered by different companies but most of them have lots of things in common.

Three companies in Nigeria have been sampled to make these comparisons; this doesn’t mean that they are the only ones offering good travel insurance deals.

IGI International Travel Health Insurance (ITHI)

Industrial and General Insurance (IGI) has a policy called IGI International Travel Health Insurance (ITHI) that specifically covers the following:

 Travel Personal Accident (Death, loss of limb, and Permanent Total Disablement)
 Personal liability for accidental injury to third parties or accidental damage to their property
 Emergency Medical and Air Ambulance Expenses including Evacuation and Repatriation of Mortal Remains
 Hospital expenses
 Loss or delay of checked baggage
 Loss of passport
 Travel delay
 Flight cancellation and curtailment
 Loss or theft of money
 Hijack

Zenith Worldwide Travel Insurance

The worldwide Annual Insurance Plan is a medical travel insurance policy that covers you anywhere in the world except your country of permanent residence, for up to one month per trip, a year against any medical emergency around the world. There is no monetary limit on this policy, so it can be used for Schengen cover as it exceeds the 30,000 Euro insurance amounts required by the Schengen Embassies.
The benefits cover the following:

 Hospitalization
 Ambulance Transportation
 Medical Evacuation
 Statutory arrangements in the case of death
 Home transportation of the deceased

The policy takes effect when you leave Nigeria and ends on your return to Nigeria. The Annual and Single trip Worldwide policies also come with personal accident insurance cover which provides compensation for insured persons in cases of injury, death, or permanent or temporary disability resulting from accident at anytime, anywhere in the world.

AIICO Travel Insurance

AIICO Travel Insurance policy in partnership with Chartis South Africa only covers the Schengen countries and provides cover against any of the following mishaps:
• Repatriation of mortal remains (corpse)
• Sudden Illness

These companies are some of the very best insurance companies that provide travel insurance policies. You can research more on them or contact us for more information and advice on the best policy for you. It is very important to read your policy details properly to understand what you are covered for.

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