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InsuranceQuotes.NG is a proud partner to Key Verticals Ltd. All insurance policies are directly underwritten by our NAICOM (National Insurance Commission) licensed Insurance partners and Underwriters who provide you with insurance policies for all classes of insurance including auto, health, home, business, life and travel. The founders of Key Verticals Ltd are fully licensed Insurance Agents, authorized by NAICOM to connect prospective insurance shoppers via its superb technology to the Insurance companies best capable of providing the much needed insurance service(s).

When 20,000 people had used InsuranceQuotes.NG’s comparison service, Surveys were conducted to determine the effectiveness of the service. The research results revealed that 96% of InsuranceQuotes.NG’s customers would re-use its insurance services after saving an average of 19% on their insurance costs. Submit your details and see how much you can save today.

In this age of digital technological improvements, more and more shoppers are making use of online platforms and portals like InsuranceQuotes.NG to obtain discounted home insurance quotes in real time from multiple providers. Simply get free home insurance quotes, compare insurance companies' service offerings and purchase your cover at the discounted prices we make available to you (Cash back vouchers also apply to all direct insurance buys via this site only). Note that our customers are now able to make full insurance purchase transactions online for all insurance classes.